The Delhi government has finally permitted home delivery of liquor and orders for that can be placed through mobile apps and websites. Under the amended excise rules, those who hold the L-13 license are allowed to deliver both Indian and foreign liquor to homes for orders received via the app or online.

While this is great news, the details regarding exactly how this is going to work are a little unclear at this point in time. No announcements have been made so far about which apps and what online portal is going to be taking these liquor orders for Delhi and no app companies have made any announcements yet. However, looking at how home delivery of liquor has worked in other states, here’s what might happen for Delhi.

Who might deliver liquor home in Delhi?

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States like Maharashtra, Kolkata, Odisha, West Bengal, etc, allowed online liquor delivery through platforms like Amazon, Swiggy, Zomato, and BigBasket. The same might be permitted for Delhi too. Only eligible license holders are allowed to make these deliveries though.

Kerala launched a dedicated liquor app, BevQ, for people to get tokens to buy liquor while ensuring social distancing. The app was downloaded over one lakh times in a matter of hours after it was launched in May last year. While there is no need to procure tokens this time to go pick up liquor from stores, we might need to still need to get a permit to order online.

Who can order liquor online in Delhi?

Let’s not jump the gun here. There are obviously going to be restrictions. Going by what we’ve seen in the other states where online liquor delivery was allowed, you might need to procure a permit first before placing an order, and/or your proof of age might be enough for you to place an order. We’ll have to wait and see what Delhi permits.

Also, while liquor deliveries are allowed, you cannot get liquor delivered to hostels, institutions, and offices. Liquor shops are also not allowed to deliver alcohol home. So, we are sorry, you cannot ask your local shop. We will also have to wait for announcements regarding what apps and which web portal will allow us to place orders.

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