Streaming giant Netflix’s feature called ‘Play Something’ that helps its users decide which show to watch was released for TVs last month. Now, the feature is being tested for the Netflix app on Android.

According to Mashable, the feature was spotted by Engadget and it reveals that Android users are seeing the ‘Play Something’ button on the home screen or when choosing profiles (both Kids and Adult) on the Netflix Android app. The button acts as a shuffle and randomly picks a show or movie for a streamer to watch depending on their preferences and show recommendations.

This new feature is of help at a time when one faces issues in deciding which show or movie to watch. Also, if one doesn’t like the movie or TV show that the feature picks, a streamer can keep using it again and again. 

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When you select Play Something, Netflix will also play a new series or film, or something you’re already watching, or even an unfinished series or film “you may want to revisit”. But it won’t play a series or film that you’ve already completed. It will show you content it thinks you will like based on your watching habits. This feature comes handy for moments when you don’t know what to watch on Netflix. It won’t play something random or different from what you watch but instead, show you similar content.

Here’s how you can use the ‘Play Something’ feature. 

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