Hello my blogger friend back with a simple trick that is How to Overcome Google Drive Download Limit so if you are looking for a method to download quota that exceeds files from Google Drive then you are in the right place in this post,

we all know Google Drive is a data storage cloud site you and can upload and share files on the internet with, friends or everyone you want.

But when you get high traffic on the file ”  lots of downloads and quota exceeded”  that you upload then to stop the abuse of Google will add a key that prevents downloading of the file with a statement as below.

Sorry, you cannot view or download this file right now and below how to overcome the

How to Overcome Google Drive Download Limit 24 Hours

It takes 24 hours for the file to be viewed or downloaded. If you still cannot see the file after 24 hours, contact the domain administrator . This is often described if the download quota on Google Chrome has been exceeded 

Below are 2 methods of overcoming these limits:

How to Overcome the Google Drive Download Limit on PC

Before you start this method you are required to make gmail which is used to log into your Google Drive account if you have ..

1. Please log in first to your gmail account.

2. Open the google drive link that you want to download on your PC’s browser.

3. Click the Drive + icon that I marked the arrow in the image below then click the download icon .

How to Overcome the Google Drive Download Limit on PC

4. Next you will be directed to the limit file, see on the top menu on Google Drive, click Drive .

How to Overcome the 24-hour Limit Download Google Drive on a PC

5. Search for the name of the file you have added to Google Drive then right-click on the file > Select Make Copies .

How to Overcome the Quota Limit Download Google Drive on a PC

6. Look for the file that was copied in step no 4> Right-click the file > Then Select Download .

How to Overcome the Google Drive Download Limit on PC

7. Next, click on Keep Download .

Limit Google Drive downloads on PC

8. And the finished file limit has been successfully repaired and can be downloaded normally congratulations.

For those using an Android device, read below the method …

How to Overcome the Google Drive Download Limit on Android

For Android device users you only need to activate desktop mode in the Google Chrome browser. the way below.

1. Open the link you want to download on your Android browser.

2. Click the three dot icon next to the download link for the example image below> Select the Desktop Site option in the google chrome menu. 

How to Overcome the Google Drive Download Limit on Android
3. Then your Chrome will automatically change to desktop mode and add files to the Google drive like the way on a PC 

4. If you have access the following link  https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/mobile/my-drive to speed up login to your drive account.

5. Make Copies and Downloads (the same method in Pc method ) please see above.

6. Done …

Note: Make sure your Drive is not full storage to avoid problems when making copies of files

Likewise for How to Overcome the Google Drive Download Limit, hopefully useful if you are still confused, give a comment below, thank you.