The 2021 edition of WWDC has announced some big benefits for Apple iPhone users. A host of new software-related announcements have been made and this included the preview of iOS 15, the next iteration of mobile operating system for Apple iPhones. The new OS will bring a wide range of new features that focus on improving user experience as well as privacy.

Apple iOS 15 update will now come with a built-in authenticator for passwords. Here’s what the new feature does:

“Generate verification codes needed for additional sign-in security. If a site offers two-factor authentication, you can set up verification codes under Passwords in Settings — no need to download an additional app. Once set up, verification codes autofill when you sign in to the site.”

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As Macrumors points out, the latest feature will help iPhone users do away with the need for third-party apps like Authy and Google Authenticator. The update will bring the functionality within the iOS so you won’t have to download another application.

According to Apple, iPhone users will be able to set up verification codes under Passwords through Settings. Once a user has set it up, verification codes will begin to auto-fill when you log into a site. This is said to make the process of two-factor authentication much better.

Apple also launched a bunch of other privacy-focused features at the WWDC 2021 conference. One of the top ones is the iCloud Private Relay. The service allows users to connect to any network and browser with Safari in a more secure and private manner. The service helps encrypt the traffic from your device so that no one can intercept or read it.

“Then all your requests are sent through two separate internet relays. It’s designed so that no one — including Apple — can use your IP address, location, and browsing activity to create a detailed profile about you,” the company explained.

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