Update: The issue has reportedly been identified by Fastly and a fix is being implemented. 

We think the internet is broken. No really. It is. A whole bunch of websites are down and inaccessible right including Reddit, Twitch, Paypal, Amazon UK, The Verge, etc. According to Down Detector, Twitter, CNN, NYT, Hulu, and Target websites are also down. 

Reports have it that a product manager at the Financial Times has notes that Fastly, a CDN provider that underpins a lot of major websites, is dealing with a massive outage that could be the reason for all these sites being inaccessible. While Twitter is not exactly down, you can see certain tweets and user handles/names with a question mark icon instead of emojis. 

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BBC just reported that news sites like Guardian, Financial Times, Independent, and the NYT are currently not working. The UK government website, gov.uk, has also been affected. All these affected websites are displaying the “Error 503 Service Unavailable” message. The report also mentions that this could be related to the Fastly outage. 

The Verge is reporting put of Google Docs currently since their website is down (can’t make this stuff up, I swear!), and states that “a huge outage hs swept across the internet, taking many popular sites offline including Amazon, Twitch, and Reddit”. The outage began at around 5:30 AM ET (around 3 PM IST) taking a number of news sites offline. As explained, huge outages like these are “generally traced back to some central service provider”, in this case, which happens to be Fastly.  Fastly said it had begun investigating “potential impact to performance with our CDN services” at 05:58 AM ET. 

On the other hand, Guardian took a smarter Twitter route to report their story. You can follow the thread here:

BBC managed to restore services by switching their systems away from the Fastly network, other sites might also follow suit. 


This is a developing story and we’ll update you with more details as soon as we find out. 

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