There is a new feature coming to Microsoft Teams that will be of huge help to anyone who is reviewing recordings on the platform. A variable playback option coming to Microsoft Streams, the native Microsoft 365 service, soon, and Microsoft Teams will be able to benefit from that. Microsoft explained you will be able to change the playback speed of recorded meetings soon.

“For Teams meeting recordings saved to OneDrive and SharePoint, you’ll now be able to change the playback speed (0.5x-2x) while watching the video,” Microsoft explained. As great as this option sounds, this variable playback feature is currently under development and is not going to roll out for the public till September at least.

Microsoft has announced they are going to “implement a change” soon where all Teams meetings will be recorded automatically without the meeting organiser or IT admin having to turn in on. The main idea behind this feature is to help participants/absentees not miss out on crucial information discussed and shared over a meeting and also to provide a pool of resources that can be consulted later including text transcripts and all attachments shared over the meeting.

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With all meetings soon to be recorded and archived by default, this incoming variable playback option is going to help users utilise the resources better. Users will soon be able to slow down recordings and pay more attention to important information and details and they can also speed through the unimportant sections of the meeting. And this also helps with laborious tasks like minute taking and catching up on missed sessions.

This new feature adds to Microsoft’s current efforts on accessibility and gives users with hearing impairments a chance to follow a meeting better and also helps those who suffer from issues like dyspraxia take better noted.

The feature also expands on Microsoft’s existing efforts where accessibility is concerned, giving people who are hard of hearing a better chance of following the thread of conversation and those who suffer from conditions such as dyspraxia a chance to take down fuller notes.

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