Xiaomi on Monday demonstrated its latest fast charging technology. The company claims its new technology fully charged a Mi 11 Pro (custom build) with a 4,000mAh battery in just 8 minutes using a 200W wired “HyperCharge”. The company adds the phone can get fully charged in 15 minutes with 120W wireless charging. Xiaomi says the technology has set a new world record for both wired and wireless charging.

As The Verge points out, charging speeds and capacity are the new areas where Chinese handset companies are competing with each other. Xiaomi has been one of the top players in this regard. Just a couple of years ago, the company showcased a 100W charging technology that could charge a 4,000mAh battery in just 17 minutes. A 120W charging technology, showcased last year, charged the Mi 10 Ultra with a bigger 4,500mAh battery in 23 minutes.

Apart from Xiaomi, brands such as Oppo have also demonstrated their fast-charging technologies. Last year, the company showcased a 125W charging technology that powered a 4,000mAh battery up to 41% in just 5 minutes.

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Unlike Xiaomi, Oppo gave an overview of how its charging technology worked. The company said the tech is based on an upgraded SuperVooc architecture. The flash charge uses a series of bi-cell design to achieve better efficiency. The design also allows charge pumps to be used to halve the voltage of double cells during discharging. You can learn more about Oppo’s fast 125W charging technology here.

That said, Xiaomi has not yet revealed when the latest charging technology will be commercially available.

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