How to turn off application notifications on HP Realme

In the past, cellphones only functioned as a means of communication, such as telephone calls and text messages. As time has evolved, now cellphones have changed their name to smartphones . Apart from being a means of communication, smartphones now have a role to support work. With advanced technology is generally followed by a high price. However, this does not apply to Realme. Realme believes that… Read More »

How to Adjust the Volume of an Android Mobile Via the Touch Screen

The rapid development of technology and the variety of innovations in the smartphone world make this device the most popular device for use in carrying out daily activities. Variety of activities can certainly be done with the help of smartphones, both productive activities to activities in the context of entertainment. In addition, on the latest smartphones , of course there are many interesting features embedded in them. There are… Read More »

Easy Ways to Secure Instagram Accounts

Instagram is a photo and video sharing application that is loved by children and parents. On Instagram contains billions of photos from around the world. There are various kinds of photo views ranging from the original photo to the edited photo. Apart from sharing photos and videos, Instagram also has many other features that are very useful for users such as… Read More »

How to Delete Scheduled Tweets on Twitter

Twitter is one of the social media that can be used to market products because Twitter is included in the three categories of social media that most of the world’s netizens must have, especially Indonesian netizens along with Facebook and Instagram. In addition to marketing products, Twitter is usually also used by major media and bloggers (individuals) to… Read More »

How to to Make a Present Story Easily

Are you looking for a way to create a great story for your social media? Running out of ideas to make a great story ? Well, Inwepo has a solution, now you can create stories very easily with just a tap tap with a variety of ready-to-use templates . It is undeniable that currently social media is increasingly favored by many people. In the beginning, social media might only be used… Read More »

How to Save Website Pages in PDF Form

Googling activities are commonplace in the current generation. Starting from looking for the latest news, looking for recipes, to finding information about traveling are among the activities of netizens when Googling. Of course this is agreed by the statistics that Google is the website most frequently visited by mankind today, followed by Youtube and Facebook. Convenience, user interface that is simple and easy to understand, and practicality is indeed… Read More »