How to cut a video on a PC / laptop computer

There are many free video cutter applications on the Windows operating system. But unfortunately among most of these applications, many of the results are unsatisfactory, such as the results of cutting videos that don’t fit properly, the video quality decreases, the installer size is too large and the video size doesn’t get smaller either. Well here… Read More »

How to Save Xiaomi HP Batteries Up to 10x Fold

For those of you who are looking for how to save Xiaomi battery, this tutorial article will help you to overcome and save battery usage for xiaomi batteries. Optimizing battery usage will extend battery life. This tutorial is based on the author’s experience.TABLE OF CONTENTS XIAOMI BATTERY PROBLEM The problem with the Xiaomi brand Android smartphone, one… Read More »

How to change the name from truecaller

On searching someone’s mobile number through the Truecaller service, their name is shown, but sometimes it is not correct, the name can also be changed in Truecaller, many mobile numbers whose owner’s name does not show the correct one. It happens.Sometimes this app can cause problems for us, can any unknown person know our name… Read More »

How to Add Place In Google Map

How to Add Place In Google Map: Your school, shop or office or you do business online. So, you can easily add its location to Google Map me. Also, you can upload your business website link, address photo and business card within Google Map Location.Mobile Phone Se How to Add Business Location Address to Google Map?… Read More »

Moj App – How To Upload Video on Moj App

Moj App – How To Upload Video on Moj App: Moj app is an Indian short video making app in which you can create your own fan following by making short videos and sharing them with the people. There are many videos for your entertainment on Moj, such as Dance video, Comedy video, Vlog video Food… Read More »

How to Delete Google Chrome History

Do you wish you could clear the Google Chrome search history and start with a clean slate? Luckily, this is possible and easy to do! There are several benefits to clearing search history.First and foremost is privacy. Of course, Google will still have all your search history on file, but that will stop snooping on family members, friends… Read More »

How to Change the Background of Google Chrome

How to Change the Background of Google Chrome – If you are looking for a way to adjust the background to whatever image you choose, it is very possible. Customizing your Google Chrome background is very cool,adding beauty and a little to the look of your Google Chrome theme and choosing your own photo / wallpaper from… Read More »

How to Make Facebook Fanspage Appear on Blogs

How to Make Facebook Fanspage Appear on Blogs – a great plugin that allows blog visitors to subscribe to updates from your blog through a Facebook account. After subscribing (by pressing the like button), visitors will receive the latest blog updates on their Facebook.This widget also displays “like” photos on your blog. Before making a Facebook Fanspage… Read More »

How to Deactivate Inspect Elements on a Blog

How to Deactivate Inspect Elements on a Blog – In this post I will share the process by which you can limit Inspection Elements on a blog. But for those of you who don’t know what Inspect Element is, I will give brief details about it below.What is the Function Inspect Element on a Blog?Inspect Element is a… Read More »

How to Change the Windows 7 Folder Icon

How to Change the Windows 7 Folder Icon – Every time you create a new folder in the Microsoft operating system it displays a public folder icon. However, if you want to adjust the folder, Windows 7 allows you to change the icon displayed on your PC screen.To create a new folder icon, you must create an… Read More »